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News > International Wireless Symposium-March 2014

    IWS- International Wireless Symposium. IWS is an international event held annually in China and the ONLY event of its type sponsored by the IEEE in China

    The 2nd Annual IWS, sponsored by the IEEE Microwave Theory and Techniques Society (MTT-S), will be held in the historic city of X'ian, China.

    The focus is “everything that is wireless”, including mobile platforms, 4G/5G, wireless devices, personal area connectivity.  IWS 2014 will have a technical conference and a commercial exhibition. Because the marketplace for wireless technology, devices, and service is immense, the IWS will grow to be similar to the IMS. There will be with over a hundred industrial and other exhibitors. The papers presented at IWS will be archived in IEEE Xplore. IWS will rotate between several locations in China, but will be an international event with participants from all over the world. The exhibition will include worldwide manufacturers and service providers, with marketing happening in both directions: both into, and out from, China. The IWS is intended to attract attendees and exhibitors from all parts of the wireless community, and will become a major global wireless event! IWS has become the largest RF/Microwave symposium in China and the second largest conference sponsored by the IEEE MTT Society.